Party Time


Hello friends!  I apologize for not writing for a couple weeks.  We’ve had a crazy schedule and not much time to come to the library.

A week ago was my birthday, and it was a very wonderful one!  My friends and I started the day by heading out to a black sand beach which was beautiful.  I couldn’t believe that it was snowing back home and yet I was swimming in the warm Caribbean.  It was a birthday to remember and all of my friends here helped to make it so amazing.

But what I really want to tell you about is the past few days.  Sunday through Wednesday was the Carnival.  As I told you a couple weeks ago, the church youth go to a retreat during that time.  We were also able to go to the retreat on Monday and Tuesday.  Monday night held a moment that was spectacular.  Over the past couple months I and one other girl on my team have felt lead in a couple times of intercession to pray that God begins a revival here in Martinique through the young people.  Then on Monday night as our team leader was speaking he announced an alter call for missions.  Over half of the youth rose from their seats.  It was so awe inspiring and powerful.  The fire for God in that room was intense.  And as I heard my leader say, “This is the future of Martinique,” I almost started crying because it was as if I felt God telling me that this is it, this is what I’ve been praying for.  That was a powerful night indeed.


Then yesterday we, my team, realized that we still had two full boxes of tracts that we had received from various churches.  So we decided to pack them into a couple backpacks and head down to the Carnival.  It was a great experience.  Of course there were some people who didn’t want them, but most people were eager to see what we were handing out.  We even saw many people reading them as we passed back by after we ran out.  And yes, we had two boxes to begin with and we came home empty handed.  There was one guy who did start yelling at us about bringing God to the Carnival, but he was just one person of hundreds.

By the time we got home we were all so hyped up, it was insane.  We had taken God to the Carnival.  If you ask me, that is the kind of thing that missions is all about.  And what perfect timing as this is our final week of ministry.  We went out with a giant bang.  I pray that people were and will be impacted by the words that we gave them.

Next week we will be wrapping up what we have been doing here in Martinique and also discussing heading home and everything involved with re-entry.  Please pray for us as we make this transition.  Also, if I am not able to write in the next week, I want to ask that you pray for a safe flight back to France next weekend, Sunday the 12th.

Many thanks for all of your prayers and encouragement,



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