Living Large


Hi friends!  This week has been crazy full and crazy wonderful!

This week we had some wonderful moments of evangelism.  We did something a little different from the past few weeks and decided to wear our matching shirts when we went out.  That made it really cool to see people interested in a group of young people dressed alike and talking to those around them.

But we did something else one day as well.  While we were in France we prepared a dance and we chose to go out and perform it in the streets.  I loved watching the faces of people as they walked by or even stopped to watch us.  It provided a perfect way to start a conversation.

Please pray for the people that we interact with over the next few weeks.  We are trying to transition into a phase where we do even more ministry than we have been.  So with that I am also asking for prayer for energy and motivation for my team.

Many thanks for all of your prayers and encouragement,



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