We’re halfway there


Hello friends.  I cannot believe that my time here in Martinique is already half over.  Things are beginning to move very quickly and it feels like the weeks are moving faster and faster.

On Saturday morning we went to one of the churches that we have already visited because the youth were having a fundraiser.  It was wonderful!!  So many things!  I ate two crepes and bought some little cakes to bring home.  We ate lunch there as well and one of my friends had her hair braided into cornrows.  People were drawing pictures, washing cars, and even painting nails.  There were so many creative ways to raise money all in one place.

The fundraiser was to raise money for a retreat that they will be going on in a couple weeks.  Near the end of February there is a big event known as Carnival.  Carnival takes place over Mardi Gras and can get pretty crazy from what I’ve been told.  For this reason the youth from the churches usually prefer to head out of town for a retreat to escape the temptations during that week.

It was a wonderful experience to be a part of that.  As this month continues I ask that you please pray for the young people in the churches here and also for the rest of Martinique as Carnival is fast approaching.

Many thanks for all of your prayers and encouragement,



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