Feeling like a Missionary

Hello friends!  This week has been jam packed.  It feels like it has been so much more than a week and I can barely remember all that we did this week.


We spent time with three different churches over the weekend and all were very inviting and kind to us.  I love the family atmosphere at the churches here.  Each one is unique and all are magnificently beautiful.


Actually, on Saturday we all woke up at five to go to the beach and watch the sunrise, but as we got in the car it started to rain.  We checked the forecast and it was supposed to continue all morning.  So we turned around and came home, but we still had our own beautiful time of worship on our back deck watching the sun rise behind all of the rain and clouds.  It was still magnificently beautiful.  We even were able to later go to a different beach that evening and watch the sunset.

We’ve also had some wonderful times of worship and evangelism lately.  We have had some great conversations and it is so wonderful to just see God fill a place and work in the hearts of myself and my teammates as well as the people we meet day to day.


Please pray for us as we are reaching halfway of our outreach and all finding ourselves quite tired most days.

Many thanks for all of your continued prayers and encouragement,



One thought on “Feeling like a Missionary

  1. SO exciting to hear how God is at work in and through your life. May you continue to see His Hand at work in you and your teammates. Praying for you and miss having you here. Have a most blessed week!


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