Keeping Busy

Hello friends!

I have to start this update by apologizing because I have not taken any new pictures this week.  I promise I will try to remember for next week.

This week we began working with some Catholic nuns in a food pantry of sorts that they run.  It is very interesting work and the sisters are extremely kind.  Most people here on the island are Catholic.  We also continued to do some intercession and evangelism.  That is the biggest thing that we are focusing on here: just talking to people, hearing their stories, and sharing the love of God with them.  We just want them to know that God genuinely loves them.

I am having a wonderful time and learning so much, but I would like to ask for prayer this week because I am starting to become homesick every now and again.  I cannot wait to return home and see all of you, but I want to fully enjoy these last two months of my current journey to the fullest.

Many thanks for all of your prayers and encouragement,



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