A Time to Rest


It’s been two weeks since I came here to France. Only two weeks, but it’s felt like so much longer. I feel like I know my classmates so well and also like God has been doing so much within me.


I am really enjoying learning more about God and myself alongside these amazing people.  They are all truly inspiring and we are having a blast together. We even went into Paris this past weekend for something called Camp Niko. We were stretched to our limits and really grew as a team.

One of the big things that God has been teaching me is that I need to learn to just rest in Him. This past year I have found a way to keep myself busy and always moving. I created many commitments for myself and began to become overwhelmed. Coming here, I can see that it is right where He wants me right now: in a small village where I have a lot of time to just sit with Him and learn to listen.


It is truly beautiful here. For example, above is my view at the very present moment of writing this. And below are just a few more snapshots from right here in the village.

Please pray that God continues to use my time here to teach me great things about who He is and who He wants me to be.

Many thanks for all of your prayers and encouragement,



One thought on “A Time to Rest

  1. Hello Sara! So happy you are loving your adventure and understanding that “adventure” can still be had when at rest with God. Miss you lots, Susan (at the office)


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